Metalink Special Alloys Corp.

Company Overview

Metalink Special Alloys Corp. was established in 2007, focusing on the production, research and development of cast alloys, special master alloys and rare pure metals. The products cover more than 20 main alloying element products such as W, Mo, Ta, Nb, Zr, Hf, Re, Ti, V, Cr, Be, Mg, Ca, Ni, Co, Fe, etc., which are mainly used in special steel, automotive, nuclear energy, super conductor, aerospace, new energy battery and other industries.

Metalink has a variety of melting methods including ordinary and vacuum thermal reduction coupling melting, ordinary and vacuum medium frequency melting, vacuum induction melting, vacuum electron beam melting and other melting methods, equipped with cutting-edge production equipment and testing equipment, developed material design software and database, and established ISO9000, IATF16949, AS9001 and some other quality management systems.

Metalink's products boast lower gas content, low content of harmful elements, high cleanliness and low segregation, which can meet demanding raw material requirement for high-end application in China.

Metalink has an excellent scientific research team composed of a number of different specialties. They have accumulated a deep technical foundation, keep focus on the research and development and manufacturing of high-end special alloy materials, have made breakthroughs in many major technical issues.  It's also the Nanjing Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base. 

The company have won the title of Gazelle Enterprise in Southern Jiangsu High-tech Zone, selected in the "Nanjing Cultivation Unicorn Enterprise Directory", and the company's founder was entitled as an Innovative Entrepreneur in "Nanjing Zijing Mountain Elite Pioneer Program".

Metalink also cooperate with University of Science and Technology of Beijing to jointly establish Nanjing Guozhong New Metal Materials Institute Co,Ltd, taking advantage of the Key Laboratory of New Iron and Steel Metallurgy Technology and the Key Laboratory of New Metal Materials of the University in terms of talents and technology, focusing on advanced materials for aerospace structure, gas turbines, nuclear energy, medical treatment, UHV transmission equipment, petrochemicals, special equipment and other fields.