Metalink Special Alloys Corp.

Code Of Conduct

In order for Metalink to be a responsible corporate citizen and act accordingly, directors, managers, and each employee should maintain self-awareness and abide by all policies.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

Metalink complies with all Chinese and foreign laws as well as international rules and spirits. It will conduct business on the basis of fairness, transparency and free competition, with integrity and social conscience.

2. Sustainable economic growth and solutions to social problems

Metalink will meet the increasingly diverse, complex and refined customer needs.

3. Appropriate Disclosure of Company Information

As an open enterprise trusted by the society, Metalink will conduct extensive communication with shareholders and the society. Actively, effectively, and fairly disclose appropriate corporate information, engage in faithful and constructive dialogue with stakeholders, and enhance corporate value.

4. Proactive Environmental Protection Policy

Metalink recognizes that efforts to solve environmental protection problems are the requirements of enterprises, and will strive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, fully consider biodiversity, and take voluntary and active initiatives to improve the environment.

5. Respect for Human Rights and Social Contribution

Metalink respects the human rights of all people, actively participates in community participation activities, strives to contribute to community development as a good corporate citizen, and fully cooperates and coordinates with society.

6. Create a Rewarding Workplace

Metalink is committed to making employees' lives comfortable and prosperous, and providing a healthy, safe and pleasant working environment that fully considers work-life balance. At the same time, while respecting the diversity, character and individuality of employees as much as possible, create a corporate culture that allows employees to express their creativity freely and easily.

7. Thoroughness of the Code and the Role of Management

Metalink's management will strive to embody the spirit of this code and establish an effective governance system. In addition, management will work to increase awareness within Metalink of the spirit of the code in order to achieve full compliance and encourage behavior within Metalink based on the principles of the code. should an incident of loss of community trust occur, management will actively take responsibility to respond to the situation, including addressing the issue, investigating the cause and working to prevent a recurrence.