Metalink Special Alloys Corp.

Social Responsibility


Protecting the life and safety of employees is the most important social responsibility of our company, and we will spare no effort to put safety work in the first place.

Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our company abides by relevant laws and regulations, controls environmental factors and hazards, and prevents various occupational injuries and environmental pollution.

Integrity and Governance

Our company takes integrity management as the premise, abides by business ethics, maintains sincerity, fullfills the agreement, keeps the promises, and cooperates with external cooperation units to trust each other, unite and cooperate, and coexist.

Environmental Protection

Protecting the earth's environment is an important responsibility that each of us has always undertaken. We respect nature and continue to reduce our impact on air, water, and soil through the following efforts:

• Reduce environmental impact through pollution prevention and reduction of use of toxic and hazardous chemicals

• Reduce process, product and packaging waste through recycling, material substitution, etc.

• Establish and evaluate the target indicators of environmental safety and health, and continuously improve

• Reduce the cost of quality for us and our customers by improving product yield and quality, thereby reducing the impact on the environment

Public Welfare

Our company actively participates in various social welfare activities to serve the society.