Metalink Special Alloys Corp.


3D Print

Metalink provides high-quality super alloy powders for 3D printing, as well as customized modified and optimized products and services according to customer requirements.

In the field of aerospace, metal 3D printing has entered the stage of mass production from manufacturing test samples; in the field of dentistry, 3D printing metal crowns have also become a routine method in dental laboratories; in the field of orthopedics, 3D printing metal implants Start large-scale application; in molds, radiators and other fields are replacing traditional processes; in the automotive field there is still a huge application potential waiting to be tapped.

As one of the most commonly used raw materials for metal 3D printing, metal spherical powder plays a vital role. Due to the particularity of the manufacturing process of 3D printing, the metal powder required is also different from the traditional powder metallurgy method. At present, the printing powder is mostly fine powder with high sphericity, good fluidity and high purity. Therefore, in recent years, with the popularization of the application of metal products in the field of equipment manufacturing, the market of metal 3D printing has also continued to expand. In order to realize the large-scale development of metal 3D printing industrialization, the requirements for the output and quality of raw material metal powders also need to be continuously improved. Metalink will be committed to providing high-quality super alloy materials or powders for domestic and foreign customers.

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