Metalink Special Alloys Corp.


Industrial Gas Turbine

Industrial gas turbines have the advantages of small size, high efficiency, low pollution and wide power range, and are widely used in power units in industrial power generation, ships, oil and gas pipeline transportation, heat supply, mine ventilation and other fields. The working environment of industrial gas turbine blades is relatively harsh, most of which contain impurities such as sulfur and sodium, causing thermal corrosion and damaging effects on superalloy components; The life of gas turbine blades is usually tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of hours, and the time to withstand the base load is long; Heavy-duty gas turbine blades have large size and mass. All those require that the superalloy for industrial gas turbine has better thermal corrosion resistance, long-term microstructure stability, creep life and casting process performance.

Metalink can provide customers with self-developed heat-resistant single crystal alloys with high temperature-bearing capacity, good thermal corrosion resistance and microstructure stability with independent intellectual property rights.